Utility Trailer KEFP100ABQCF Crack Filler for Trailer Flooring


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Vendor: Utility Trailer

Item: Crack Filler for Trailer Flooring

Restoration of wooden trailer floors often requires filling deep gouges and cracks. Crack Filler is formulated to handle these tough filling applications and is fully compatible with Floor Restore coatings.

Crack Filler Application Video

Crack Filler is applied to trailer flooring with a putty knife. You can immediately over-coat with Floor Restore™ or Smooth Move, before Crack Filler is fully cured.

Each carton contains three one-quart Crack Filler FP100AB kits.

Stops Cargo Damage from Water Splash-Up

Crack Filler is the superior remedy for delaminations that “show daylight” and draw in water from wet roadways. Crack Filler repairs stop further damage and deterioration in these spots. Under spray can no longer penetrate the trailer from below. Wash-out water can’t pool and cause rot. Crack Filler can be used alone, but often precedes coating and sealing the entire trailer floor with Floor Restore™, resulting in complete restoration and protection. (When a floor with good “slip” is desired use Smooth Move, the special version of Floor Restore™ for furniture vans and trailers.)

Crack Filler For Badly Damaged Floors

When badly damaged trailer floors need sectioning, Crack Filler is ideal for filling the gap between new and old sections. Sealing the section perimeter with tough, Kevlar-reinforced Crack Filler will form a tough, impenetrable barrier between the new and old flooring.

Part #: KEFP100ABQCF

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