Tectran Supreme Blue & Red Gladhand (Set)

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Supreme Powder Coated Gladhands

  • Tough powder coating improves wear & corrosion resistance
  • Vividly colored to provide improved identification of service & emergency lines
  • Stainless steel clamp and hardware eliminate corrosion of these critical mating surfaces
  • Fine mesh, stainless steel filter
  • Polyurethane seals resist oil, chemicals, provide improved sealing & service life
  • Meet or exceeds SAE J318 standard

The chemicals used in today’s road salts are extremely corrosive. These magnesium chloride and calcium chloride mixtures help prevent ice build-up on the roads but they accelerate corrosion in parts used on traditional gladhands.  We encourage you to try corrosion-resistant gladhands described here and to inspect the components in your air brake and electrical system regularly for evidence of corrosion-related wear…Stay Safe! 


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