Stemco CentriFuse HD 16.5″ x 7″ Brake Drum

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CentriFuse® HD Brake Drums

Heavy Duty Brake Drums for Heavy Duty Stopping Power

For Refuse, Construction, and severe service fleets looking for extended brake drum life and extended brake service intervals, CentriFuse HD Brake Drums are a solution that enables fleet managers to have confidence that their trucks are running at peak performance.

The Lightest Heavy Duty Brake Drum

Unlike full-cast drums, CentriFuse HD is an engineered product.  Our patented high alloy braking surface provides superior heat absorption, resulting in reduced brake fade and wear.  Our steel shell provides a layer of safety so you are assured your brake drum stays on the vehicle.  Our unique design makes the CentriFuse HD brake drum the lightest heavy duty brake drum in the industry, saving fleets up to 32 pounds per wheel end over full-cast drums.

Improve Performance and Brake Drum Service Life

In severe service field tests, CentriFuse HD outperforms and outlasts the competition.  Customers using CentriFuse HD brake drums have seen drum life doubled, service intervals extended, and improvement in the overall performance of their braking system. When it comes to the performance and safety of your fleet, request the best.  Request CentriFuse HD.

CentriFuse HD Brake Drums:

  • ■ Increase safety with CentriFuse® HD Steel Jacketed Brake Drum, Load rated up to 26,000 lbs.
  • ■ Lower maintenance costs and reduce vehicle weight
  • ■ Patented Alloy braking surface engineered to provide superior heat absorption, resulting in reduced brake fade and wear
  • ■ Precision balanced for extended tire life
  • ■ Specifically engineered for heavy haul, multi-stop, and rugged or mountainous terrain
  • ■ Backed by STEMCO 3 Year Written Warranty
  • ■ Precision balanced with industry leading balancing process


Part No.Brake SizeWt. lbs.Axel Load RatingOver All DepthBrake Surf. WidthHub Pilot Dia.Bolt Circle Dia.No. Bolt HolesBolt Hole Dia.
600004HD16.5 x 710026,00010.417.648.78285.75100.96
89996B16.5 x 78923,00010.417.648.78285.75100.96
87101B16.5 x 78923,00010.417.648.5311.25100.81



Manufacturer NamePart NumberApplication Notes
Stemco600004HD100 lbs.
Gunite3401115 lbs.
Gunite3576131 lbs.
Webb66884117 lbs.
Webb78502120 lbs.
Meritor123365122 lbs.


Stemco A Higher Standard of Performance.

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